Design for manufacturing

Production of an item can be done in many ways, and at EA-Connect we always aim for the best and cheapest solution.

When a costumer presents us with a new product specification we go over the details and analyze the needs – including the ones not appearing on the drawing.

And very often we know exactly which suppliers to address to get three qualified offers for the production of a certain item.

Top five issues

No. 1: Design

How should the item appear? Is it visible in the end product or can we freely choose for instance material and process?

No. 2: Material

Material choice has a major influence on the final cost of the item. The property of a specific plastic solution may fulfill the demands and replace a much more expensive one in metal. Proper knowledge about material properties is absolutely essential.

No. 3: Volume

Do you need 10, 100 or maybe a 100.000 pieces of your item? The bigger volume the more relevant is automated production. The fewer items you need automation is probably too costly.

No. 4: Process

Here is an example: Instead of milling we might decide to mold. Milling typically implies a great deal of waste material, and it is a relatively time consuming process.

Molding is faster and cheaper, once you have the formwork. But a formwork costs time and money to produce, and this implicates, that you have to have a need for a volume of some size to make molding worthwhile. Otherwise milling is probably cheaper.

No. 5: Cost

The quality of your item should always match the demands. There is no need to go for solutions more costly than necessary. At EA-Connect we take pride in advising our costumers to choose wisely so you never have to pay for solutions you don’t need.