Facts and key points

FACTS and key points

We established EA Connect in 2004. Before that we worked 10-12 years for dominant players in the European electronics and parts industries. Parts and their precision, performance and appearance have been our professional life for more than 2 decades. We have our own locations in both Europe and Asia. We combine our own specialist knowledge with the best partners within different technologies. We have carefully selected these partners over more than 20 years in the business. We have a broad set-up but we never grew “big” – this means that we operate a full 24 hour company, and you can always reach us to start a project or get the status of your running project. We know that you need to make safe decisions with partners you can trust. The best way is the proof of a good project that develops into a relationship of mutual understanding. But as a starting point, we have the formal acknowledgements that will give you the first guarantee of a competent partner:

AAA Rate Code of Conduct
Veritas 9001
Veritas 14001