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Don’t trust your cables blindly


Most of us have the impression, that it’s peace of cake to transfer data via cable. But this is hardly true, when the data comes in large amounts.

Even though the manufacturers in theory have to meet the standards set for USB 3, the reality is different, because often they don’t test their products. Most of them claim to produce the cables themselves, but what they usually do is buying cable by the meter, cut it, and mold plugs to the ends.

This is not always a problem, because even badly manufactured cables are often good enough for everyday use, when it comes to everyday devices.

But data transfer in plenty can be difficult or impossible, because the capacity of the cable is inadequate.

We have managed to find a supplier with full control of the cable structure (every single thread, insulation, shielding foils, etc.), the cable – connector assembly, plug molding and in-line testing to guarantee high quality cables protecting against electrical noise even in extreme conditions.

EA-Connect supplies USB cables for several high-end costumers within e.g. the aviation industry and professional photography.

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Source: EA-Connect

Text: Karoline Lawætz, ScienceCPH