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Titanium – supreme material but expensive and not for amateurs


For anyone interested in a long life metal, which is able to withstand for instance pollution and exposed environments, with the ability to add massive strength and relatively low mass to the unit – titanium could be the answer. And indeed industries within for instance marine, aviation, and medico often make use of the metal.

But even though advantages are numerous, working with titanium certainly has its back sides to it as well.

These four rules are crucial to anyone providing solutions with titanium:

1. When you buy titanium, choose the dimension as close to the final dimension as possible.
If, for instance, you need a pipe with a hole in, don’t buy a massive one and drill the hole yourself. Too much of the expensive material is wasted.

2. Get the right price of your raw material.
A lot of titanium is traded in China, Japan, Germany and Sweden. You need to know your source and be able to buy a certain volume. It is much like buying gold, which is provided in various carats. The same goes for titanium – here the different qualities are called grades. As a supplier of titanium solutions, we put a lot of effort into the sourcing – this is a prerequisite to be cost competitive.

3. Find a skilled supplier of titanium milling.
It can be a major challenge to find someone able to mill and drill titanium, because it’s rather difficult. You will typically need a drill with internal cooling, as the material tends to become extremely hot, and the heat threatens to ruin tool as well as object.

4. If something goes wrong – know your rescuer.
Sometimes mistakes are made, and when titanium is involved, this is always bad. The material is expensive, and mistakes are difficult to adjust. If corrections are necessary, you will need a skilled welder certified specifically within welding of titanium.

If you observe these four rules, it is possible to provide titanium solutions despite the fact, that the material is expensive, of erratic quality and difficult to machine.

At EA-Connect we use subcontractors for machining, but we prefer to handle all aspects of sourcing ourselves. This always involves third part’s verification of raw materials to ensure that the raw material is in accordance with the customer’s specification.